Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly evolving menagerie of many technologies.  While advanced SEO Marketing can help fine tune large scale product sites, basic SEO Techniques are adequate for most websites. SEO is not an exact science, nor are any results guaranteed.  Here are the basic SEO Techniques used on all web packages that will ensure your site is seen and ranks as high as possible.

To hear a designer discussing all the possible options for your site can be incredibly overwhelming; so here I aim to explain in layman’s terms some common terms used by a designer.

Content collection is the most important part of designing a website and other expanded projects. It can have the highest potential for difficulties and is the single greatest delay in creating a standard business website.

Erica Burrell Design strives to keep our studio equipped with the latest technologies to not only work faster, but to keep your information secure. We employ the use of a premium firewall router, anti-virus software with daily scans. 

Erica Burrell Design goes the extra mile to not only offer paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems, but to employ environmentally friendly web hosting.

I believe everyone has the right to affordable quality design services and all EBD clients are privileged to be covered by this simple and unwavering Client Bill of Rights.

You have the right to and will...