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Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly evolving menagerie of many technologies.  While advanced SEO Marketing can help fine tune large scale product sites, basic SEO Techniques are adequate for most websites. SEO is not an exact science, nor are any results guaranteed.  Here are the basic SEO Techniques used on all web packages that will ensure your site is seen and ranks as high as possible.

1. Keyword Research as well as creation and installation of meta keywords on every page including home directory and the navigational menu if your site is Joomla

2. Creation and installation of meta description on every page including home directory

3. Creation and installation of standardized, uniform Title across all pages, in similar format:
     "Your Company Name - Your Section Name - Your Page Name - Your Short Slogan - Phone Number"

4. Installation of Smart SEO Plugin (main controller Plugin, makes future edits easy)

5. Recommendation of Use of keywords within page text. Goal of 3 per page, at least 3 times throughout the site

6. Installation of both StatCounter standard hit counter as well as Google Analytics

Additional Promotional Techniques

Available for an additional fee or included in Social Media Maintenance Packages

7.  Creation or update of Google Maps listing

8.  Creation and maintenance of Facebook Fan Page

9.  Creation of Twitter Account

10. Creation of YouTube Channel if applicable

11. Creation of additional profiles on applicable sites

12. Use of the same keywords and titles on all the profiles as used in your original web site

13. Extended keyword analysis to aid in refining of keywords

14. Frequent updates to any and all profiles and website. Your updates should include a recommended 70/30 ratio of 'interesting articles' to 'advertisement posts'. Opinions on the ratio vary.

15. Hiring of a readily available copy-writer


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