Client Bill of Rights

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I believe everyone has the right to affordable quality design services and all EBD clients are privileged to be covered by this simple and unwavering Client Bill of Rights.

You have the right to and will...

  • Receive quality, professional service using modern industry standards at an affordable rate.
  • Know exactly how much you are being charged and have no surprises on your bill.
  • Have independent control over your website after completion and not have to rely solely on a professional to make small changes.
  • Maintain direct control over your servers and access to free 24-7 U.S. Based Technical Support.
  • Not be charged thousands for a simple website.
  • be able to ask basic initial questions without being charged exorbitant consulting fees.
  • Not have to wait months after you pay for project completion.
  • Have reliable and quick maintenance or site updates when you need it.
  • Have only one friendly and caring professional representative and not have to deal with a pool of random people that really hate their job.
  • Not be charged hundreds of dollars for things that take mere minutes to complete.
Erica Burrell

Erica specializes in Small Business Media and is currently taking new clients.

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