Your customers have come to depend on the quality of your website.  If you cannot provide the information they are seeking - they will find it elsewhere, and will certainly shop elsewhere.  Don't underestimate the value of a website that is maintained by a professional.

Erica Burrell Design is proud to have the experience and dedication necessary to give your brand the special attention it deserves.  Together we can cultivate an exceptional media presence.

Our Most Commonly Requested Packages

Basic Website Maintenance Package $150 - 2 Hours of Service
          Good for: Salons, Medical Offices, Massage Therapists and other businesses

Serial Website Maintenance Package $300 - 4 Hours of Service
          Good For: Movie Theaters, Weekly Newspapers, Boutiques, Shops and other businesses

Hefty Website Maintenance Package $600 - 10 Hours of Service
          Good For: City Tourism Sites, Daily Newspapers & Blogs, and other business and corporations

 These packages include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom website creation and maintenance
  • Custom vector Logo creation
  • Social Media Graphics Suite
  • New Real Estate Listing posts
  • News or blog posts
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Spam Maintenance
  • SEO Work
  • Eligibility to purchase all printed products at wholesale cost (design deducts from time)
  • Consultation and Employee Training
  • Photo processing, organizing and preparation
  • Batch file processing

Month-to-month Contract Required. No-Fee for cancellations beyond invoice for work completed.